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Enhancement for your brows , lashes, and entire look.

Image by Hayley Kim Design

Lash Extensions

Enhancing the natural lashes by adding and individual false lash with adhesive. Adding length, curl, color, and thickness to the natural lash.

Full set classics. $85

Fill in classics. $50-$65

Lash Lift & Tint

Chemically altering the curl of your natural lashes, to create a lifted open eye look with no maintenance.

Lash lift. $65

Lash lift and tint. $75

Image by 🐣 Luca Iaconelli 🦊
Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Brow Lamination

Chemically altering the shape of your brows to create thickness.

Brow Lamination. $65

Brow Lamination and tint. $75

Brow and Lash Tinting

The process of coloring brows or lashes to desired shade.

Brow tint. $25

Lash tint. $25

Lash lift. brow lamination. tint. $130

Image by Hadis Safari
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